MIAdvisory team works in partnership with our clients
We provide our clients with director level involvement at every stage of their research project
We provide a customized approach in providing solutions to our clients' specific questions/issues/situations
Strategic Beverages (Thailand) Co yesterday announced its intention to launch a tender offer for shares in Serm Suk Plc, the local bottler of Pepsi, in a move designed to strengthen Serm Suk's long-term competitiveness and secure continuing growth in Thailand. More..... 
The third generation or 3G mobile broadband network rollout continues to be delayed amid the current political impasse.A TOT executive said the state telecom enterprise had already upgraded more than 500 base stations to provide 3G service in its first phase to accommodate 500,000 customers in Bangkok and adjacent provinces. More...
Shelf & Floor Space Management Software
Shelf & Category Management Training &
In-Store Traffic Flow Analysis
Usage & Attitude Studies
Brand Health Checks
Branding Research
Product Research (i.e. Home Use Test,
   Concept  Test, Taste Test)
Product-Brand Purchase Decision Process
Segmentation & Segmented Driver Analysis
Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty
Customer Choice & Experience Management
Employee Satisfaction & Stakeholder
We have a great deal of experience
in shelf and category management,
and offer software training and consulting
to help you improve your business through a greater and more profitable consumer focus.
  Our solutions are designed to be accurate, understandable, and just as importantly, to be actionable in the marketplace with
a solid understanding of what must be done.
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We provide our clients with information, insights, and analytical recommendations using
a state-of-the-art approach through quantitative and qualitative research tools and methodologies. Our customized way, our quality-conscious professional team, and our insightful thoroughness of our work helps our clients develop a deeper understanding of their consumers, markets, and situations, helps them make better decisions, and helps them craft and implement winning strategies.